… thoughts and sounds from my heart … in the midst of the escalating pandemic, as social separation and new considerations about life took over, the thoughts and ideas for this jazz album emerged.

The album mainly represents my own compositions and lyrics combined with a jazz trio, string quartet and guest soloists. In addition, the great jazz pianist and composer, Lars Jansson, mailed me a bevy of compositions which inspired me to write the lyrics. What an honor… and, for me, a welcome addition, contributing another dimension to my own and other selected songs. Pianist Martin Berggren and I have made music together for several years. This led to the idea of incorporating him and his jazz trio … which includes David Andersson, bass and Andreas Baw, drums … on my album. Martin has also contributed beautiful string arrangements for the amazing Bergdala String Quartet.

In the process, my intention for the different songs has been to include special guest solo musicians thereby adding a special excitement to the music. I invited some of my favorite soloists, who are also some of Sweden’s most celebrated jazz musicians … Anders Bergcrantz – trumpet, Anders ”Chico” Lindvall – guitar, Anders Hagberg – sax/flute and Inge Petersson-Lindbäck, sax.