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four decades with a heart filled with music

  • Jazz club concerts with Elisabeth Melander JazzAppear in Varberg, Växjö plus northern Sweden - Sundsvall, Härnösand, Östersund, Örnsköldsvik, Umeå
  • Concerts Elisabeth Melander and group in in different churches and other venues in southern and northern Sweden in Varberg, Växjö plus northern Sweden
  • Guest professor at Vietnam National Academy Of Music teaching jazz singing. Celebration concert ”Jazz And Friends”. Concert at Cool Cats Jazz Club Hanoi.

  • 2018
  • Jazz concert Palladium Malmö ”Reflections Of A Voice” Elisabeth Melander JazzAppear
  • Jazz concert Kulturkvarteret Kristianstad ”Reflections Of A Voice” Elisabeth Melander JazzAppear
  • Jazz clubs with Elisabeth Melander JazzAppear - Kalmar, Oskarshamn, Hässleholm, Karlskrona, Aneby
  • Concerts ”Touch My soul” - Martin Berggren pi, Cia Weissenrieder cello cxv
  • Concerts ”Songs Of Summer Winds” - Martin Berggren Piano
  • Concert ”Goodnight Sun” - Peter Tegnér gitarr
  • Jazz Concert ”Cathedral Jazz” Helsingborg - Martin Berggren Trio
  • Jazz concert Viva JazzCafe Elisabeth Melander med Trio - Bo-Göran Sahlin gt, Göran Schelin bas, Lars Andersson trummor
  • Concerts Elisabeth Melander JazzQuartet ”Jazz Café” Ystad/Landskrona - Håkan Rydin pi, David Andersson bas, Inge Petersson-Lindbäck sax/flöjt
  • Christmas concert ”In A Christmas Mood” - Martin Berggren piano

  • 2017
  • CD release ”Reflections Of A Voice”
  • Release concert with Elisabeth Melander JazzAppear
  • Elisabeth Melander Quartet ”Blue Moods In The Blue Hour” with Jan Allan -trp, Martin Berggren - pi, Lars Lundström - bass
  • Church concerts ”Pearls Of Life” with Martin Berggren - pi and Cia Weissenrieder - cello
  • Jazz concert at Viva Jazz
  • Concerts ”Touch My Soul” with Martin Berggren - piano and Cia Weissenrieder - cello
  • Guest professor at the Music Conservatory, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Jazz concerts in HCMC (Saigon)
  • Concert tour with Elisabeth Melander JazzAppear
  • Elisabeth Melander Quartet ”Blue Moods In The Blue Hour” with Jan Allan -trp, Martin Berggren - pi, Lars Lundström - bass
  • Church concerts ”Pearls Of Life” with Martin Berggren - pi and Cia Weissenrieder - cello
  • Guest professor att Vietnam National Academy Of Music, Hanoi
  • Jazz concert in Hanoi
  • Artistic music project together with Vietnamese traditional/folk musicians
  • Elisabeth Melander Quartet ”Blue Moods In The Blue Hour” with Jan Allan -trp, Martin Berggren - pi, Lars Lundström - bass
  • Church concerts ”Pearls Of Life” with Martin Berggren - pi and Cia Weissenrieder - cello
  • Guest professor at the Music Academy in Jakobstad, Finland
  • Workshops with gospel choirs and mixed church choirs
  • Vocal coach for the theatre association
  • Recordning with Magnus Eklöv for upcoming CD-release
  • Vocal coach for the Eurovision Song Contest (Sweden qualification)
    • Church concerts ”Pearls Of Life” with Martin Berggren on piano and Cecilia Weissenrieder - cello
    • Tour in the north of Sweden with the trumpet player Jan Allan and quartet
    • Church tour ”In The Name Of Love” with the American sax player Mike Hamilton and Christian Mjorndal - piano
    • Jazz concerts in Sweden and abroad
    • Entertainment gigs
    • Big Band concerts
    • Charity concerts

    • Started the Swedish/Danish Soul & Funk group ”EMB”, the electro chamber jazz group ”Bridge” and the Gospel sextet ”Colorful”
    • Concerts with EMB, Colorful and Bridge
    • Tour in Denmark
    • Church concerts
    • Jazzsounds Unplugged”, concert tour with the pianist Håkan Rydin, bassist Mattias Svensson and brass septet
    • Malmö International Gospel festival: Gospel sextet Colorful with American singers, musicians and mass choir
    • Guest artist with symphony orchestra and choir
    • Jazz festival in Lithuania, Klaipeda with “Jazzsounds Unplugged
    • Tour with “Jazzsounds Unplugged
    • Concertsat Jazz House in Copenhagen with the Danish Millfield Band
    • Different christmas shows
    • Show and concerts in Stockholm
    • Established the club ”Music Report”
    • Contemporary Music Week in China, concert festival in Kunming and lectures at the Yunnan Art University
    • ”Dancing Queens” ABBA shows - vocal trio
    • Jazz tour in Poland with Jazz trio
    • ”Count Basie 100 years” - vocal soloist with Norrland All Star Big Band
    • Guest soloist with Norrbotten Big Big with the legendary trumpet player, Jan Allan
    • Church tour in Northern Sweden
    • A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald” - Tour with Hudik BB and Norrbotten All Star Big Band
    • CD release concert ”A Many Splendored Thing” with the pianist Håkan Rydin, bass player Johnny Åhman and brass octet
    • Jazz concerts; “Memories & Secrets”, “Jazz & Swedish folk” and “Christmas Jazz” with trio and trumpet player Jan Allan
    • Concert with Växjö Big Band and the trumpet player Jan Allan
    • Christmas concert with choir and orchestra
    • Jazz and Church concerts with the trumpet player Jan Allan and trio
    • TV-gala and tour in China
    TV & Radio Various appearences throughout Sweden
    Recordings ”A Splendored Thing” (Sittell), ”With a Jango” (Serpent Music) - all new material

    • Concerts and tours with Melander-Bergcrantz Quintet
    • Concerts, church tours and festival with Elisabeth Melander Gospel Quartet
    • Big Band concerts in southern Sweden with Monday Night Big Band, XXL Big Band, Oskarshamn Big Band
    • CD release ”Amazing Grace Gospel”
    • Tour with ”Amazing Grace Gospel” and the choir Pite Gospel
    • Christmas concerts in southern Sweden
    • Concerts with the trio ”Jazzmine
    • Concerts with Duke Ellington ”Sacred Concerts” and Sandviken Big Band
    • CD release ”There is Something”
    • Guest soloist at the International Gospel Festival at Scandinavium, Gothenburg with the choir Solid Gospel
    • Jazz festival in Kristianstad with the pianist Jan Lundgren Trio
    • Christmas project, artist, arranger and director
    • Church concerts
    • Background singer in several Eurovision Song Contests, Swedish and international (winning in Rome)
    • Solo artist, Eurovision Song Contest Sweden 1998
    TV & Radio Various appearences throughout Sweden
    RecordingsAmazing Grace Gospel” (Purple Music), ”Basin Street Blues” Mikael Wiehe,
    There Is Something” (Naxos), “Ta Dej Tid” Eurovision Song Contest Sweden -98 (MEG)

    • Member of the jazz groups: ”Solregn”, ”Lifeline” and ”Mopele”. The salsa group ”Cosmic Agogo” and the afro-funk inspired group ”Nandu
    • Member of Mikael Råberg’s Big Band
    • Radio, recordings, concerts and tours in Sweden and abroad, some of them included the band leader and trumpet player Thad Jones
    • Jazz festivals in Stockholm, Umeå, Pori and others with Mikael Råberg’s Big Band
    • Member of rock or ”Schack
    • Music theatre for children, four productions
    • Guest soloist with some of Swedens most well known Big Bands
    • National tour with the musical production ”Wild Honey
    • Established and toured with Melander-Bergcrantz Quintet, with Sven Bergcrantz (piano) and Anders Bergcrantz (trumpet)
    TV & Radio Various appearances throughout Sweden
    Mikael Råberg Orchestra ”A Ball Of Meat” (FLC), Wild Honey (Cantio)
    Singer & Actor W. Shakespeare’s ”King Lear” under director Ingmar Bergman, Royal Drama Theater in Stockholm followed by European tour

    • Winnder in the talent contest Star -73 in Stockholm
    • Talent Of The Year 1973 in Stockholm
    • Member of Family Four Singers
    • TV shows in Germany
    • Christmas and New Year’s Show in Stockholm
    • Music theater tour production
    • Concerts and tours in Sweden and other countries
    • Jazz bands and Big bands, as well as rock- soul- and funk bands
    TV & Radio Numerous appearences throughout Sweden
    ”Robin Hood” (Movie soundtracks) “Nya Ansikten” (EMI), “Elisabeth Melander” (EMI, LP/Single), Family Four Singers with ”Waltzing on the Waves” (LP/Single)

    • Elisabeth Melander JazzAppear
    • Elisabeth Melander Kvartett - with Jan Allan
    • Elisabeth Melander & Håkan Rydin Tentett” with bassist Hans Andersson and woodwind septet
    • Bridge - with Michael Mølhede-trp, Tomas Pettersson-kb, Kalle Magnusson-bass, Tira Skamby-perc
    • Dancing Queens - with Margareta Nilsson and Diana Nunez
    • Colorful - with Diana Nunez, Jill Nordin, Viktoria Johansson, Mattias Karlsson, Anders Mårtensson, Ola Hedén-pi
    • Jazzmine - with Krister Palmqvist-git, Kalle Magnusson-bass
    • Elisabeth Melander Gospelquartet - with Mikael Strand-pi, Ove Almgren-bass, Rasmus Kihlberg-drums
    • Melander-Bergcrantz Quintet - with Sven Bergcrantz-pi, Anders Bergcrantz-trp, Hans Andersson-bass och Rasmus Kihlberg-drums
    • Schack - Malmöbased rock group
    • The Boys & Her Voice - with Roger Svedberg-vibr and Kalle Magnusson-bass
    • Mikael Råbergs Orchestra - Sthlm
    • Afrofunkgroup - Nandu, Gbg
    • Salsagroup - Cosmic Agogo i Göteborg
    • Jazzgroup Mopele - with Yasuhito Mori-bass , Anders Persson-pi och Göran Lewin drums and more
    • Jazzgroup Lifeline - with Anders Hagberg-fl/sax and Anders Persson-pi
    • Jazz och Folklore - Solregn - with Anders Hagberg-fl/sax
    • Family Four Singers
    • Yngve Forsells Orchestra - pop, 70’s rock and evergreens.
    • Rune Lindstedts Orchestra - northern Swedish Mulligan/Dave Pell inspired sextet

    Concerts and tours
    Sweden - Norway - Finland - Denmark - Ireland - Germany - France - Italy - Spain - Netherlands - Poland - Lituania - Malta - Texa US - China - Gambia - Vietnam

    Release CD ”Reflections Of A Voice”
    Release CD ”A Splendored Thing” - Elisabeth Melander & Håkan Rydin Tentett
    Release CD ”With A Jango” - Royal Swedish Navy Band, gästsolist
    Release Singel ”Ta Dej Tid” - Elisabeth Melander, Melodifestivalen -98
    Release CD ”There Is Something” - Elisabeth Melander
    Release CD ”Amazing Grace Gospel” - Elisabeth Melander & Pite Gospel
    Release LP ”Vildhonung” - with Tomas Boström
    Release LP ”A Ball Of Meat” - with Mikael Råberg Big Band in Stockholm
    Release LP with ”Family Four Singers”/ Singel - with ”Family Four Singers”
    Release LP ”Elisabeth Melander” EMI
    Release LP ”Nya Ansikten” EMI / Singel ”Elisabeth Melander” EMI
    Release LP Robin Hood - Walt Disney movie soundtrack