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My joy and desire to create, as well as artistically express myself, have always been a part of me. And my interest for the arts - music, dance, theatre and fine art - has continously shaped and enriched my life.

Consequently I have worked in many different music genres, for example classical and modern art music. In my profession as a singer my profile is predominantly Jazz, Soul and Gospel.

Jazz and improvisational music together with my youth`s experiences of soul, The Beatles, pop, rock, soul and gospel have shaped my way to approach and create music. If the doorpost at my home way up north in Sweden was my first stage, all other scenes since I was 13 years old have been concert halls, jazz clubs, festivals, churches among others.

My great interest for cross-artistic encounters, has made me flourished both artistically and pedagogically. I am a lecturer at Malmö Academy of Music in Sweden, teaching singing, ensemble, improvisation and methodology at the Jazz and Rock department.