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Finally I’m back with a much awaited new album together with some of Sweden’s premier jazz musicians. Reflections of a Voice, which has got brilliant reviews, is a mix of own compositions and my interpretations of Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Blossom Dearie as well as Gershwin.

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- Right from the start it was a wild and daring project. Recorded over three days with top musicians from different parts in Sweden plus the very best Håkan Rydin, close friend and a great pianist. There was no real time for rehearsals so my intention from the beginning was to try to create a diverse, dynamic and harmonious atmosphere where the spur of the moment, playfulness and improvisation would bring the music forward. I wanted to create a ”hear and now” feeling together with musician friends, who I knew would putter own stamps on the songs. It would simply be a room for a bit of mischief and spontaneity. The warmth I feel for these extraordinary musicians and friends who gild each song is pure magic. The selections of songs can be likened to an armful of different colored flowers together in a bouquet of sound, tone and words - a mix of my own compositions, standards and other well chosen songs. My voice is my instrument, and as a singer, I have always been open and curious about expressing myself in different genres and styles. With this recording I wanted to challenge myself in different ways, which I think reflect my vocal expression. Therefore the title of the album comes natural … Reflections Of A Voice