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The BEST JAZZ 2018 - third place female vocalists

During the last year my highly acclaimed album ”Reflections of a Voice” has been followed by touring and concerts around Sweden with my stellar band JazzAppear including some of Sweden’s top notch players. By the end 0f 2018 it was awarded third place in the female vocalist section in the 40th Annual Jazz Station Awards The Best Jazz of 2018. New concerts are coming up this spring followed by (hopefully) some interesting international gigs during 2019. The album, which has reached more than 2 million streams on Spotify is a mixture of my own compositions and interpretations of Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Blossom Dearie as well as Gershwin. See you around!
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”- Right from the start it was a wild and daring project. Recorded over three days with top musicians from different parts in Sweden. There was no real time for rehearsals so my intention from the beginning was to try to create a diverse, dynamic and harmonious atmosphere where the spur of the moment, playfulness and improvisation would bring the music forward. I wanted to create a ”hear and now” feeling together with musician friends, who I knew would putter own stamps on the songs. It would simply be a room for a bit of mischief and spontaneity. The warmth I feel for these extraordinary musicians and friends who gild each song is pure magic. The selections of songs can be likened to an armful of different colored flowers together in a bouquet of sound, tone and words - a mix of my own compositions, standards and other well chosen songs. My voice is my instrument, and as a singer, I have always been open and curious about expressing myself in different genres and styles. With this recording I wanted to challenge myself in different ways, which I think reflect my vocal expression. Therefore the title of the album comes natural Reflections Of A Voice